Harris Farms Beef

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All our beef is raised right here by the Harris family. They are 100% hormone and steroid free. They are raised on pasture from April till December. They are finished on a mixed diet of grasses and grain (corn, barley, oats) and are never force-fed. We use antibiotics strictly if cattle are ill as we feel this is the responsible and humane thing to do.

  • Tenderloin Steak $22.25/lb
  • Ribeye Steak $17.25/lb
  • Striploin Steak $15.75/lb
  • Sirloin Steak $12.25/lb
  • Minute Steak $8.75/lb
  • Sirloin Tip Roast $9.25/lb
  • Round, Rump, and Blade Roast $8.25/lb
  • Ground Beef $6.50/lb
  • Stew Beef $7.50/lb
  • Bones $6.00/package
  • Liver $3/package,
  • Organs $5.00/lb
  • 6oz patties $35
  • 4oz patties $31`
  • Brisket $8.25/lb
  • Back Ribs $8.25/lb