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Open and harvesting strawberries ORDER FOR PICKUP Friendly and helpful staff

OPEN with our own fresh picked strawberries.

Current Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm and Sunday 12 noon- 7pm

Currently Available: Strawberries, Beef, Lettuce, Kale, Swiss Chard, Garlic, Scapes, Radishes, Peas, Honey, Maple Syrup, Baked Goods, and Preserved Goods. 


Conveniently located 5 minutes from Barrie, Minesing, Midhurst, & Angus … 3216 George Johnston Rd, Springwater. L9X 1T8

Home: 705-734-9448 Cell: 705-725-2023

Over 30 years delivering customers fresh farm produce

3 Generations


 It all started in 1986, a little picnic table at the end of the  lane, the first thing Grandpa sold was sweet corn. Over the years our business and family has grown and now 3 (working on 4) generations later sweet corn is still priority along with a large variety of other vegetables and fruit.

Sweet Corn & Vegetables


Sweet corn is where we started and we are proud that each year we have amazing customers return looking for our excellent corn. We grow peaches & cream, yellow & white varieties. If you have never tried them all its not too late.

Family Owned & Operated


Grandpa Harris offered the “Farmers Dozen,” 14 cobs to ensure that every customer was happy and received quality corn. We continue this tradition to this day. We also hand pick all out corn so that we only pick ripe and good cobs.

June through October

home vegetables

Harris Farms is open seasonally from June through the end of October. Many vegetables are harvested well into October and we have been known to have sweet corn and field tomatoes even after thanksgiving. Fall also brings with it our pumpkin and gourd displays as well as 11 varieties of winter squash.




We are proud to personally grow and harvest 95% of the produce we offer. The other 5% is grown locally. We hand pick and field ripen for optimal flavor and quality.


Know where your food comes from. Back to the basics of eating simple ingredients and pure farm fresh food.


As fourth and fifth generation farmers we take pride in caring for our land using crop rotation, cover crop management, and Integrated Pest Management


Our family and our dedicated employees will greet you with a smile and make you feel right at home on our farm.