Fresh apples grown locally in Duntroon. Many varieties to choose from for all your baking, munching, canning, and saucing needs.

Beans – Season: Summer

Choose between green and yellow bush beans or both for dinner tonight.

Field Tomatoes

Red, plump, and juicy. A taste of summer.

Larger quantities available for canning. Please call to pre-order.


This “Music” garlic variety is a pleasant with mid-range flavor.


‘Blue” kale is slightly blue/green in color. Crunchy and sweet leaves. $3.25/Bunch


Use like a green onion in the summer. Add to your hearty dishes in the cooler weather.

Miller’s Dairy Milk

Made by Miller’s Dairy in Creemore


Sweet and juicy fruit from Niagara.

Pod Peas

Pod peas just like grandma used to shell. Perfect peas to shell for dinner or to sit and snack on.


New potatoes with tender skins and loaded with flavor.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Rainbow Swiss Chard has dark green leaves with a mix of pink, yellow, orange, and white stems. Both the leaves and stems can be consumed and are both tender and mild in flavor. $3.25/Bunch


Lovely plump raspberries perfectly blended with sweet and tart flavours.

Red Beets

Varieties offered: red cylinder, red round and golden round

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are dense and firm making them a perfect topping for salads or pizza. They also make a thick and smooth tomato sauce.

Larger quantities available for canning. Please call to pre-order.


Romaine Lettuce

Crunchy romaine is ideal for ceasar salads or to add to sandwiches and hamburgers.

Sweet Bell Pepper

Bell Peppers have the ideal crunch and sweet taste.

Sweet Corn

We offer 3 varieties; peaches and cream, sweet yellow and white. Come visit us in store to browse varieties that are currently available

Sweet Onions

These sweet onions are very versatile and are great either raw or cooked.


Soft and tender zucchini make a great add on vegetable to salads, stir fry’s, pastas, and more.